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Music has a big importance in everyone's life, but we always like rhythmic music which has good rhythm, good lyrics etc. Similarly our fitness is the rhythm of our life and without yoga we miss this rhythm in our life. So in this tough and competitive world, if we have to live our life in a very positive and healthy way we should opt for: LIFE RHYTHM YOGA

It's a complete makeover of the physical mental, social and spiritual health. Our physical and mental health are closely connected with each other because when we do Asanas, Pranayama and cleansing Kriyas to keep our body fit, healthy and to function in a rhythmic way then our mind automatically feel blessed with peace and harmony. 

Till the time we have soul in our body we are alive, without soul we are dead. To keep that soul for a long-long time in our body. We need to do "Yoga" to be healthy.

Life Rhythm's approach to yoga is unique, integrating the rigor of traditional yoga with advances in contemporary health science, growth psychology and the work of today's pioneers in the study of consciousness.

It empowers you to be friend with your body and listen to it, discovering from your own direct experience what practices support your well being and growth. The tools of Yoga awaken the life force that initiates a natural process of healing, growth, and transformation, revealing the vitality, goodness and beauty that lie within each of us.