Ram Chander is a founder of Llife Rhythm Yoga and he is well-known Yoga & Health consultant who is dedicated in this field since 2000.

Ram Chander is founder of Life Rhythm Yoga and he is a teacher of Indian Culture and well-known Yoga & Health consultant who is dedicated in this field since 2000. He possesses the expertise in Yoga,Meditation and Spiritual Counseling.

Apart from various companies, universities and associations in India, He has also been invited toInternational Locations in several Countries in Europe and Asia and has been highly appreciated for hiscontributions.

Initiated in the ancient yogic tradition of Indian Culture and Sciences, he has been practicing Traditional Indian Yoga Styles popular in India and around the world. He masters the traditional Hatha Yoga and is a Certified Yoga Consultant. He is also qualified in Naturopathy, Chakra Healing, Diet and Science of living; his teachings comes from deep within the heart of his own practice.

He has been associated with various Multinational Companies (MNCs), Corporate Houses and Yoga Centers and has dedicated himself to help thousands of people and high profile professionals. He has got a lot of success in treating through Yoga Pranyama and Meditation - people who suffering from multiple stress, anxiety, depression, diabetes, insomnia, obesity, neck and back aches, headaches, stomach disorders and common diseases on physical and mental well-being.

He has done specialized courses in Yoga, Yogic Diets, Meditation, Pranayama, Reiki, Advance Pranic Healings, Psychotherapy and Naturopathy.

Aware of the health needs and aspirations of people now a days, he is totally confident of his holistic approach and easy-to-follow practices. He has learnt from experience that the simple routines and hands-on solutions, he gives people to manage their stress, improve their health and feel positive and happier in their daily life. His teachings are simple and effective and his profound knowledge of the philosophy of life and living is evident in his teachings.

What makes Yoga and Health also an experience with Ram is his personality: he truly loves to understand and help the person in contact with him, maintain the trust, and teach deeply with warmth, caring, enthusiasm and transparency for long lasting results and awareness.

His Aim of life is to make the World a Healthy & Peaceful Place to live, love and enjoy Life.